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Oil and Gas

Providing Assistance to the Oil and Gas Industry in Texas for 34 Years

Mr. Stewart has 34 years of legal experience in representing the oil and gas industry. He grew up in Midland, Texas and worked his way through college and law school roughnecking in Alaska and the Permian Basin. Following law school he practiced in Midland focusing on oil and gas litigation. In 1986 he relocated to Houson as a partner with one of Texas major law firms where he continued to serve the oil patch. He has effectively represented clients in suits involving all areas of the industry including:

Lease access

Surface Use and Damage Claims

Joint Operating Agreement Disputes

Operator and Working Interest Disputes

Royalty Owner Disputes

Drilling Contracts

Mechanic’s and Materialman’s Lien Claims

COPAS Accounting Issues

Ground and Water Contamination Claims

Surface and Subsurface Trespass Claims

Purchase and Sale Agreements

Farmout Agreements

Area of Mutual Interest Agreements

Preferential Right to Purchase Agreements

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